Welcome to MainBacken!

Mainbacken Dripping Brownie TorteWelcome to my delicious world!

This blog is about baking, cooking and eating out. I blog about easy to make recipes as well as more complex cakes: for cream tea or a children’s birthday party, a buffet for a family celebration or even a little snack for your colleagues. It’s all here.

And if you don’t fancy getting your hands dirty – I also present to you a variety of places to Eat Out!, not only in Frankfurt, but all over the world, especially the UK. I do ask you for some patience though as I am fairly new to this and the blog will grow – step by step.

So have a look around and please do leave me a comment telling me what you think and of course what you would like to see me trying out.

Also, as you might have noticed, this is a blog in German. I wish I had a switch button that translated my whole blog but sadly I don’t. So you will find all English posts right here and I will link the German posts to the English ones. I admit this is not the most elegant way to translate my blog. Believe me: I tried! So, as long as I am figuring out how to do this, I hope you will forgive me and still find everything you are looking for until then.


Torten von Mainbacken