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Fudge Kitchen Canterbury MainBacken (16)(Deutsch)Mainbacken is a blog about baking, cooking and eating out. The name is a play of words that doesn’t really translate very well. In German it means “my baking” which doesn’t sound very creative, but due to the misspelling of the word Main (meaning “my”) it becomes the name of the river that parts Frankfurt, which is where I am from. Frankfurt, not the river. So technically it means both “my baking” and “Main (-River) baking”. You try to translate that.

cropped-logo_transparent.pngI am 29, from Frankfurt (Main) and technically my name is not Lisha but Aylin which is pronounced just like the Irish Eileen and comes with a free “oh Aylin as in the song Come-on-Eileen?”. My nickname Aylisha somehow just lost the Ay and here I am left with “Lisha”.

Right now I found my passion in PR which is what I do for a living. Before that I worked in a 5* hotel where I was surrounded by amazing looking, delicious food and before that I studied in the South of England. I love the English cuisine and especially all the amazing cupcake and bakery Bad Soden Weihnachtsmarkt (15)stores you find over there. I think English baked goods always look great. However, as my recipes are made for a more mainland-Europe kind of audience they will be less sweet. But I promise you it will taste as good!

A tiny note on the side: I am translating everything myself and obviously I am not a native speaker. I am not offended at all if you correct me errors I make – that’s the only way I will learn. Also, I get a huge kick out of comments – so make sure to leave me some 🙂


Learn some German, learn how to pronounce the non-word „MainBacken“:

Main is pronounced just like the English word “mine” and means my and is also the name of the river in Frankfurt.

Backen is pronounce “Ba-kin”. Ba like in the word “bath” and “kin” like in the word “munchkin”. Mine-ba-kin. Voilà. You now speak German.

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