Sheep Cupcakes

[Deutsch] These cute sheep will be the highlight of your next Easter party or children’s birthday party – guaranteed! I have opted here for quite classic vanilla cupcakes with a cream cheese cream, but you can make it even easier and use whipped cream or simply stick the decoration with white chocolate. Sheepies are one of my favorites as animal themed cupcakes because they are wonderfully easy and work completely without fondant. I love making them for Easter, where they are always a great recipe, especially for kids.


Crunchy Granola Muesli

[→Deutsch] Trust me when I say this: I know my Muesli. As you might know, Germans are well known for taking things very seriously. We like things to be efficient. That’s also true when it comes to our breakfast. We like our breakfast to contain vitamins, calcium, wholemeal and other good stuff that prepares us for the day and keeps us full and productive. This is why Germans are very keen on muesli. This healthy, oaty breakfast choice is a great way to kick off your day. By now you can find muesli in so many varieties, it’s unreal. Which brings me to a different (equally true) fact about Germans: We are picky eaters. And yes, I know, there are worse (there always are worse!), but we are right up there. And there is nothing we like to pick more than our muesli. Take me for example: I love cashews and almonds in my muesli, but walnuts, not so much. I am definitely not a fan of dried fruit, even though I may tolerate the odd raison. This is why I make my very own muesli. But I don’t stop there. I mix it with honey, coconut oil and I toast it in the oven to get the most delicious, healthy, oaty and chocolaty granola. You need to try this, it’s so easy! And, take it from a German muesli-pro: It’s awesome!


Hidden Design: Chessboard Cake

Kuchen Schachbrett Muster

(Deutsch) As the name suggests, a hidden design in a cake is not visible until the cake is cut. Most of the time you get the design into the cake by hiding ready baked cut out cake bits in a second cake batter. This chessboard design however is much simpler as you cut it out after baking. This makes it a lot easier and it looks just as spectacular.

I am using a simple chocolate and vanilla cake for this. I love making this cake for children especially because it may look complicated, but it really is not and you can make it any colours you like, depending on the theme. I covered this cake in chocolate ganache and added dripping white chocolate because I do not like fondant and it just seemed like a nice alternative.


Cheesecake in a glas (no bake)

Sommer Dessert Cheesecake im Glas Himbeeren (7)(Deutsch) Not everybody is crazy about cake once it get’s really hot. So what can you do, if somebody asks you to bring a cake to a bbq? So I brainstormed a bit with myself. Maybe the Midsummer Lemon Cake? Or the Dripping Brownie-Raspberry Cake? Almost. So how about something fresh you can spoon out of a glas? This way it’s easy to store, you can stack it in the fridge and it looks delicious. The Cheesecake with raspberries is the perfect summer dessert. Weiterlesen

Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Cake Cursed Child (21)
After all this time? -Always!

(Deutsch) I planned to make this Harry Potter cake the second I saw the cover of “Harry Potter and the cursed child”. The wings, the nest, the book – I mean, it was just asking to be turned into a cake. I admit it took a while for me to actually do it but last week I got a huge motivation boost – I managed to get tickets for the Harry Potter play in London after queuing for only 11 hours online. And the tickets sadly are for November 2017, but –hey­– so worth it!

Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood (well, teenhood really) and I am still crazy about it. I loved the books and the films and I am so much looking forward to see the play. I am currently reading the 8th book and who would have thought that I would ever get to enjoy the sweetness of reading a Harry Potter book for the first time again? It is simply amazing to dive into the wizard world again and how could I possibly celebrate this better than with this Harry Potter and the cursed child cake? 🙂

As always – please forgive me, if this isn’t native-language-level writing. I am German after all but I am doing by very best.