Harry Potter Cake

Harry Potter Cake Cursed Child (21)
After all this time? -Always!

(Deutsch) I planned to make this Harry Potter cake the second I saw the cover of “Harry Potter and the cursed child”. The wings, the nest, the book – I mean, it was just asking to be turned into a cake. I admit it took a while for me to actually do it but last week I got a huge motivation boost – I managed to get tickets for the Harry Potter play in London after queuing for only 11 hours online. And the tickets sadly are for November 2017, but –hey­– so worth it!

Harry Potter was a huge part of my childhood (well, teenhood really) and I am still crazy about it. I loved the books and the films and I am so much looking forward to see the play. I am currently reading the 8th book and who would have thought that I would ever get to enjoy the sweetness of reading a Harry Potter book for the first time again? It is simply amazing to dive into the wizard world again and how could I possibly celebrate this better than with this Harry Potter and the cursed child cake? 🙂

As always – please forgive me, if this isn’t native-language-level writing. I am German after all but I am doing by very best.