Crunchy Granola Muesli

[→Deutsch] Trust me when I say this: I know my Muesli. As you might know, Germans are well known for taking things very seriously. We like things to be efficient. That’s also true when it comes to our breakfast. We like our breakfast to contain vitamins, calcium, wholemeal and other good stuff that prepares us for the day and keeps us full and productive. This is why Germans are very keen on muesli. This healthy, oaty breakfast choice is a great way to kick off your day. By now you can find muesli in so many varieties, it’s unreal. Which brings me to a different (equally true) fact about Germans: We are picky eaters. And yes, I know, there are worse (there always are worse!), but we are right up there. And there is nothing we like to pick more than our muesli. Take me for example: I love cashews and almonds in my muesli, but walnuts, not so much. I am definitely not a fan of dried fruit, even though I may tolerate the odd raison. This is why I make my very own muesli. But I don’t stop there. I mix it with honey, coconut oil and I toast it in the oven to get the most delicious, healthy, oaty and chocolaty granola. You need to try this, it’s so easy! And, take it from a German muesli-pro: It’s awesome!


Porridge with berries

(Deutsch) Porridge sounds a lot better than oatmeal gruel. When traveling through New Zealand with my friend, I bought a two-kilo packet on the first day. As we had a car I could easily take it with me and I would make porridge every other morning. Firstly, porridge is delicious and nutritious and secondly it is cheap. If you are on a spontaneous vacation like a six-week trip through New Zealand it might be a bit ridiculous to say that’s where I started saving some money, but I did. So I had porridge one day and pancakes the other day and this is probably why all days where awesome – cause that’s how they started.

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