Banana Chocolate Fusion Cookies

(Deutsch) Chocolate and Banana are a classic combination and there is a reason for it! I tried with fresh bananas first but the taste was far too dominant and a bit…well…too chewy. So I switched to dried bananas until I’ll manage to optimise the fresh ones. Loved it, cause you really only taste the banane when biting on a piece. Hence you should crush the bananas into smaller pieces if you like the taste to spread. And for everybody who is not that crazy about bananas – try the plain chocolate chip cookie, or the cranberry peanut or the cashew lemon version.

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Chocolates with raspberry filling

(Deutsch) I treated myself to some new equipment again this week. A mould for chocolate squares by Birkmann. What I really liked about it is that there is a tiny square on top of it that I can fill with coloured chocolate to tell the fillings apart. I was very pleased with the result and can highly recommend that silicon mould. Also, it is only about a tenner and can go in the dishwasher…. I mentioned that before, right? (Click here for the German version)

Pralinen mit Himbeer (9)

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